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Air conditioners

sale and install air conditioner

The company Extraklimat offers a complex approach to the supply, installation and service maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems in Moscow. Installation of air conditioners is accomplished only by experienced specialists having long service record in this sphere.

We sell qualitative and reliable climate control equipment that has a strong position at the Moscow and Moscow Region markets. The equipment is produced by the most famous manufacturers. The official warranty is from 3 years. Our customers will be provided with professional support within the whole operating cycle and guaranteed quick air conditioners troubleshooting. When installing air conditioners, we use only the most qualified expendable materials whose quality is internationally certified. This is precisely why our installation of air conditioners is very reliable.

Service maintenance of air conditioners

service air conditioner

We have served a large number of air conditioners in Moscow for many years. The integrated maintenance includes the list of works necessary for the correct and efficient air conditioner operation. We perform the disinfection, diagnostics and clearance of air conditioners components. We also charge air conditioners with Freon check the electrics, air temperature and air volume.

Maintenance of conditioners in Moscow is an important step for the continuous and correct air conditioner operation. It is extremely pretentious to accomplish the service of air conditioning systems at least once a year. The specialists of the ‘Ekstraklimat’ company service engineering department will come to your assistance.


sale and install ventilation

Our assortment includes a wide choice of ventilation equipment produced by famous and reliable European manufacturers. In order to accomplish the correct room ventilation, we use only the most efficient ventilation units. Ventilation is very important for human’s comfortable and healthy presence in any premise. We offer a professional approach to ventilation in Moscow. Our services include design, calculation as well as selection of ventilation equipment for different premises (from the smallest to the largest ones), offices and warehouses.

Installation of ventilation

service ventilation

The experienced engineers of the ‘Ekstraklimat’ company professionally install ventilation. We install ventilation of any complexity at different objects. We also quickly produce qualitative air flues and shaped objects. Ventilation systems installation works are performed strictly according to the projects and customer preferences. We guarantee the qualified installation of ventilation systems in Moscow and Moscow Region. Apply to us!